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Sunday, November 9, 2003

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Cork Yanking Votes

Natural Bridge, Virginia - Yesterday we asked for your votes on the best portrayal of the cork yanker in Snyder's drawing. Here is the tally:

Bandy (88)

Bull (76)

Giulian (4)

Handel (2)

Luterman (1)

Morway (7)

Paradi (4)

Roe (8)

Sharp (11)

Watney (1/2)

Comments and Questions:

"Is Giulian peeing into a bottle?"

"Watcharee votes Bandy #1 and Bull #2...based on the body size of Bandy for nudging him into #1. She gives Luterman and Morway a tied 1st based on artistic interpretation."

"Bandy wins! The others are all imposters."

"If Bandy had a hat, he would be the perfect cork yanker."

"What's in the basket?"

"Does Sharp's bottle have a crown cap?"

"Is Luterman giving Paradi an assist?"

"Is Luterman passing wind?"

Auction Action

Wirtz, Virginia - The second phase of the auction (Pages 16-26): has begun. 146 lots were posted on Saturday, November 8 with closing on Saturday, November 15.

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