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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Number 499

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During the 2007 holidays, we received a number of interesting electronic greetings. We felt the following should be preserved in The Weekly Screw.

From Anne & Helgir Solheim, Norway

From Jens & Lis Arnbjerg, Denmark

From Jean-Claude & Martine Vanden Bruel-Biesemans, Belgium

Then we thought it would be appropriate to acknowledge our favorite...

...and the winner is...

From Luc Bille, Belgium

Odds and Ends

Too freshen up our desktop for the New Year, we did a little cleaning up and present these "leftover" odds and ends from 2007:

Above right is a bottle guard made of leather mounted on a cast iron base. The guard slides over the top of a bottle. One holds it in place and the bottle down by stepping on the two pedals on the side. This gives an assist in pulling the cork and also protects the user in case of glass breakage. In a c.1870 Farrow & Jackson a similar "Bottle Guard" is pictured.

On the right is a later patent for an "Improvement in Bottle Holders for use when Extracting Corks". British Patent No. 29,141 was issued to Nathanael Percy Milne of Gloucestershire on March 28, 1907.

Submitted by Bob Roger

A combination knife / corkscrew advertising "Always Pure Old Elk Whiskey" with a go-with matchbook depicting a bottle of Old Elk Whiskey.

Clough Fantasy

After reading about the Tweetsie Railroad Corkscrew in the December 9, 2007 issue, reader Jean Louis Desor submitted a picture of his "railroad" corkscrew. This picnic corkscrew / bottle opener is advertising the Sunshine Special train of the Missouri Pacific Lines. the Sunshine Special began operating on December 5, 1915 between St. Louis, Little Rock, Austin and San Antonio.

Anna G's companion Alessandro M (by Alessi)



World's Fair Follow-up

The November 18, 2007 issue included photos of corkscrew from the 1933-1934 Century of Progress Fair in Chicago. Bill Eyres submitted photos of his Flauder Patent souvenir of the fair (above) as well as a Nifty from the fair (below).

Man of La Mancha

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