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Sunday, February 16, 2003

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Corkscrew Does it All

Kingston, Ontario, Canada, February 16, 1932 - Kingston's Frederich J. Alderson obtained American Patent No. 1,845,038 today for his "Combination Tool." He filed for the patent on July 27, 1925 and simply shrugged his shoulders when asked "What took so long for approval?" His Canadian patent application was filed on July 23, 1925 and by April 13, 1926, he had a Canadian patent.

Alderson said "The objects of the invention are to provide a simply constructed, low-priced, durable, and efficient device." The multi-tool has a bottle cap lifter, a screwdriver, a hammer head, a hammer claw, a knife sharpener, a scale, a corkscrew, a can piercer, ruler, and a door lock. The "Ten in One Tool" is produced by the Tool & Engineering Co., Ltd. in Kingston.

A drawing from the American Patent

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