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Saturday, September13, 2003

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A Peculiar Arrangement

Foche, Solingen, Germany - On this date in 1898 Ernst Hammesfahr was issued United States Patent Number 610,530 for his "Pocket Corkscrew." Hammesfahr's goal was to make a pocket knife with a longer worm than the usual half the length of the handle. He said "...the corkscrew proper can, in consequence of a peculiar arrangement, be made considerably larger and stronger than pocket-corkscrews of known construction."

Hammesfahr accomplishes his goal by mounting the worm so that it pivots so that the top of the shank aligns with the center of the handle. The worm is then pulled up and perpendicular to the handle with a spring holding it securely in place.

The pocket corkscrew as patented in 1897 in Germany by Gottlieb Hammesfahr and in England by Ernst.

Born with a Silver Spoon

Toledo, Ohio - On this date in 1932 William T. Walker and Henry F. Orr received United States Design Patent Number 87,764 for their "Design for a Combination Bottle Opener and Beverage Spoon." An interesting feature in this design is that the worm folds to the center back of the spoon making the spoon a nice grip T-handle.

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