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Wednesday, February 4, 2004

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E-Z Cork Puller

Wirtz, Virginia - Have you ever tried to use one of these?:

Now Chicago reader Josef L'Africain comes to the rescue. Josef recently found some E-Z Cork Pullers in the original box with instructions.

Now you know!

We checked out the 201 North Wells Street address. We learned that it is a thirty story classic "Art Deco" style tower built in 1930. Among the tenants we found The Prestressed Concrete Institute, a real estate firm, a computer software company, and it once housed the National Association of Concessionaires. Is there a hoard of unsold E-Z Cork Pullers stashed away in the building?

Any readers ever seen an E-Z Cork Puller with advertising on the handle? Here's one:

Letter to the Editor

It seems that the news media everywhere reported on the Super Bowl half-time show and the streaker. But not The Daily Screw. Why not?

Tom Brady, Massachusetts

Editor: OK, Tom. There was a flasher and there was a boob. Here:

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