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Monday, June 2, 2003

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Something Fishy

San Francisco, California - What better to celebrate June's National Fishing Month than a brief stop at Fisherman's Wharf? There readers will learn more about the corkscrew figure pictured here.

I've visited San Francisco and Fishermen's Wharf many times. But it wasn't until February 2001 that I found the above figure staring me in the face. I was walking toward Fishermen's Wharf from Pier 39 and there it was - Fishermen's Grotto Restaurant - with the little fisherman corkscrew collectors covet now visible everywhere!

Look up at the top right of the sign on the roof. There's our guy!

Take a look at the store window. There he is again!

Go inside and look at the swinging bar doors. Sure enough!

Pick up one of the little recipe booklets and learn how Mike Geraldi who came from a long line of fishermen built his seafood restaurant on the Wharf in 1935. The booklet tells us "He wanted a trademark symbolic of the fishermen and so 'the Little Fisherman' was created, weatherbeaten, dour, and bringing a smile to all who see."

If you ordered from this menu in the 1950s, you could have had a Manhattan for 50 cents and Broiled Half Lobster for a mere $2.00. Bottles of the Christian Brothers Sauterne and Riesling were only $2.00. Have some Spumoni or a piece of pie for 30 cents and finish up with a 15 cent cup of coffee.

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