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Sunday, March 2, 2003

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Marburg, Germany, March 2, 1955 - On behalf of Monopolwerk Usbeck & Söhne, Dr. Walter Abitz has filed for a patent for a new corkscrew design. The title of the patent application is "Korkenzieher ausgebildeter Bergsteigerpickel" (A corkscrew in the shape of a mountain climbing pick). The handle is used to hammer and pick ice. When pulled from the sheath, the worm is revealed. A bottle cap lifter is built into the sheath.

Women's History Month

Wirtz, Virginia - We continue our celebration of Women's History Month with this gallery of Women's accomplishments:

Letter to the Editor

From my experience, England seems to have the most scam artists selling corkscrews on Internet auctions. In one case I strongly suspected the item and communicated with the seller. Upon receiving the corkscrew, I discovered that the seller had just straight forward lied when responding to my questions. When I left negative feedback, she claimed A - No knowledge of corkscrews B- That she had offered a refund, but I had turned it down!!

It would be interesting if all collectors forwarded The Daily Screw Buyer Beware articles to the seller, whenever they spotted one of these for sale.

Wayne Meadows, British Columbia, Canada

What's this?

The Answer will be seen in tomorrow's Daily Screw.

Yesterday's "What's this?" Answer:

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