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Friday, July 18, 2003

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Gone Fishin' Revisited

Wirtz, Virginia - In June, National Fishing Month, we published a number of photos of our corkscrew fish catch. Several readers asked if we threw them back or kept them. We did keep them and here are a couple of Fisherman's Knives that we used to clean them.

The knives were made in Solingen, Germany and they both have a fish scaler blade, a can opener, a saw, a hook remover, a bottle opener, a file, a leather punch, and a corkscrew.

Letter to the Editor

Bastille Day Revisited

Hello from Alaska! I produce a variety of cards here in Alaska and in other places in the world. Although it's not a postcard, I've attached a corkscrew image from my trip to Paris - now wouldn't that be some Bastille Day celebration! I'm looking to collect contemporary humorous postcards from around the world.

Jeff Brown Juneau, Alaska

Editor: Jeff is co-author of the book On the Road to Tok and Other Photographic Travesties: Alaska's Zaniest Postcards

Special Feature

My First Screw by Alf Erickson

My first corkscrew was a mechanical type with a swivel lock marked "Made in Western Germany". It is, was and always will be a boring corkscrew. It was given to my father by a neighbor who brought it back from Europe in 1952. I stole it in 1956 when I went away to college. I think it is now somewhere in a junk drawer.

But my "First Love Corkscrew" was a mechanical type with frame, threading to the neck. It was given to me by one of my former students, Catherine Riesgo back in 1975 while I was teaching at Florida International University in Miami. Catherine became my girl friend after that summer of '75....Whoever said teaching didn't pay? In 1977 it was part of my very first Best Six. It now hangs on my wall.

Alf's First Love Corkscrew

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