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Monday, August 25, 2003

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Heeley Rules the Empire

Birmingham, England, August 25, 1890 - Neville Smith Heeley of the James Heeley and Sons manufacturing firm has been granted British Patent Number 13,320 for his "Improvements in Cork Screws or Cork Drawers" application.

Heeley's latest invention comes a little over two years after his patent for the A-1 Double Lever was issued. The new Compound Double Lever Corkscrews is being offered as the "Empire."

Heeley Resurrected

South Corydon, Surrey, United Kingdom - In 1997, over 100 years after Heeley patented the "Empire," Household Articles Ltd. started marketing the "Bull Pull." The design was Registered by United Housewares (No. 2,058,317).

Yes, their "Ultimate Corkscrew" is a copy of the Heeley "Empire." Copy on the packaging admits:

The design of this beautifully crafted corkscrew was inspired by the original "Empire Double-Lever" of 1890. An ingenious combination of levers and links uncorks the bottle with minimum effort and maximum style. Although the Bull Pull is particularly aroused by red, it works equally well on white! Stand out from the herd and drink to the "Bull Pull" - the ultimate corkscrew.

August is Golf Month

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