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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Number 592

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Popping Corks: Champagne Collectibles

An important announcement from Don Bull and Joe Paradi:

We are currently working on a new book on Champagne collectibles. Popping Corks: Champagne Collectibles.

The book will include Champagne and Soda Water Taps, Nippers, Grippers, Easers, Fixed Blade Champagne Knives, Bottle Resealers, Corkscrews with Wire Breakers, Early Waiters' Friends with Champagne Knives, and more. A miscellaneous chapter will include Champagne advertising letter openers, cigar cutters, mechanical pencils, etc. There will also be Popping Corks Postcards and Tradecards. Catalog advertisements and patent illustrations will complement many of the individual pieces. The book will not include Champagne buckets, glasses, furniture, and other large Champagne collectibles.

We would appreciate receiving information about Champagne collectibles in your collection. If you have items which you would like included, send a snapshot and we will let you know if we need them. Then we will need clear unedited large format photos (objects on white background) and scans (postcards, catalog references, etc.). Or you can send them to Don in the U. S. A. or Joe in Canada. They will take photos with their studio equipment and return the items to you.

In addition to taps, nippers, grippers, etc., do you have any Champagne advertising letter openers (we have only seen three)? Champagne bin labels? Champagne bottle tickets? Champagne tokens? Special purpose small Champagne bottles (e.g. cigar cutters)?

If you can help, please email If you include photos, please limit each email to 5MB.

If you would like to send photographs on a CD, mail to Don Bull, P. O. Box 596, Wirtz, VA 24184 U.S.A.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your assistance. Contributors will be acknowledged in the book.

Happy New Year!

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