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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

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Du What?

West Chester, Ohio - The Holiday edition of the French Country Living mail order catalog is offering this bar set for $125.00 - discounted from $178.00! The wood presentation box must be fabulous for the set to sell at the price!!!

Another offering in the catalog is headlined "Sterling-Bolster Laguiole Knives." The "Grape-Bolster Knife" has a corkscrew and is offered at a whopping $245.00. The Boar's Head knife is the same price. It does not have a corkscrew.

Surprise Find

Northville, Michigan - The Daily Screw staff took a quick look through the Knightsbridge Antique Mall last week. There were a number of common wood handle and wood sleeve corkscrews offered at high prices. We did have one unusual find. We picked up this Waiter's Friend corkscrew with "Taiwan" marked on the neckstand. We folded out the worm, then the neckstand, then the can opener, and then the surprise - a fruit peeler. Not overly exciting but we just hadn't seen this combination bar tool before. The price was cheap.

Ebay Corkscrew Auction

Wirtz, Virginia - A couple of people reported problems going from the links on the preview page to the ebay listing. You can go directly to our ebay seller's page by clicking here. Go there and bookmark it.

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