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Sunday, April 29, 2007

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"Vintage Champagne Cork Wine Key Opener"

It is not unusual to find items similar to the above at online auctions described as "Cork Removers". This one was described as Vintage Champagne Cork Wine Key Opener Rare. This is a very Old Champagne Key We don't know much , but it came from our Gram's Estate and we believe is is from the early 1920s-1940s Don't Quote me on that though! It is very Interesting and immediately caught my eye. It is almost 3" Inches High. The starting bid was $4.75. It closed with no bids.

The next time you see one advertising as a Cork Remover, send the seller a link to this issue of The Weekly Screw.

One June 21, 1922 inventor Marius-Jean-Baptiste Pelloutier applied for a patent for his leg of mutton holder. He was granted French Patent Number 553,137 in the following year.

Pelloutier's patent drawing

In 1897 Alphonse Mention was granted British Patent 9,824 for "An Improved Holder or Handle for Legs of Mutton whilst being Carved, and for other Objects of the like kind." (Sorry, we do not have a drawing)

In Practical Carving (1887), Thomas Jefferson Murrey wrote "Leg of Mutton - The leading silversmiths make a shank-holder which is more useful to the carver of a leg of mutton than the fork."

Andre Burgos who deals in corkscrews and other fine objects currently offers three elegant holders. He correctly identifies them as "Shank(s) holder for leg of lamb".

A French dealer correctly identifies this one as "Très beau manche à gigot en métal argenté de la maison Christofle".

Art Corkscrews

These three corkscrews from Swiss artist Gilbert Kruft were found on a Russian website priced at 9980 Rubles each (US$388).


Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil

Flying Corkscrew

In Vino Veritas

Going Out

Ready for a night on the town

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