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Monday, April 28, 2003

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Sailor Man

London, England, April 28, 1937 - A Swedish firm, Bull's Presstjänst, has applied for a United Kingdom patent for "An Improved Corkscrew and Stand." Although the patent drawing features that lovable spinach eating character Popeye, it does not mention "Popeye". It describes how the handle of the corkscrew is formed like a statuette and the lower part is a stand with a cavity to accommodate the worm.

Max Fleischer's, the Betty Boop and Popeye studio, licensed the Popeye character to Bull's Presstjänst owners Cornelius Bull and Helge Steinsvik. In Sweden the character is known as King Alfred. The corkscrew is produced by the Zuckerman and Jonasson foundry.

The firm of Haseltine, Lake & Co. in the Southampton Buildings is serving as agent for the applicant.

Sommer's Powderhorn

Newark, New Jersey, April 28, 1914 - It looks like John L. Sommer is striving for the record book with his bottle opener designs. To his credit already are a bottle as featured March 12, a boot, an automobile, and a fish. Now John has received United States Design Patent Number 45,678 for a bottle opener with Powderhorn design. Although the patent shows only a cap lifter, it has been made with a corkscrew since his March 3 application.

The powderhorn like his prior designs is produced by the J. L. Sommer Manufacturing Company in New Jersey.

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