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Tuesday, December 2, 2003

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Christmas Shopping

Wirtz, Virginia - With Christmas just a short time away, we sent our crack researchers on a corkscrew shopping assignment. First they came up with a 1947 Bar Mart catalog appropriately named "The Tippler." The catalog is billed as "An invaluable and informative encyclopedia of home entertaining ideas, with timely suggestions for every gift-giving occasion." Bar Mart was located at 62 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y.

Here are corkscrew offerings in the catalog:

Syracuse Ornamental Company's Indian was described as "Indian Corkscrew. Hidden in the neck of the Wooden Indian is a combination corkscrew and cap lifter. An unusually decorative and useful gadget. 9 inches tall, attractively finished. No. C279, $3.95 each."

Our Syroco Indians didn't quite measure up. The Indian pictured on the left is 8 5/16" tall and the one on the right is 8 11/16". Was Bar Mart exaggerating?

Bar Mart describes this one as "Handy Cork Puller. Removes corks with a minimum of effort - and all in one piece. Swiss made. No. A979, $2.50 each."

Our shopping adventure will continue...


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