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Monday, December 8, 2003

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Screwed in Italy

Special Report from Ed Wolffe

Roswell, Georgia - Last year, I knew that I was buying the skeleton "bone" fake for $60 because I liked the quality of the workmanship. I have taken the head of the skeleton and compared the actual screw to my latest acquistion - the "antler" face. In the end, I am convinced it is a fake because of the exact screw design and material as well as the crude shank fastener mechanism.

We were are the end-of-month Navigilo Grande Mercatone market in Milan, October 26th. There are at least three corkscrew dealers with significant quantities for sale. I have no clue who I bought from because it was a cash deal.

My internal alarm was telling me no because of the eye material, but ... I was sucked in for $348. I should have bought the Depose double lever for $200 instead. Experience is a wonderful teacher, but sometime it is an expensive teacher.

Ed Wolffe

Editor's Note: During this Christmas shopping, we suggest readers revisit the Gallery of New Corkscrews offered as "Old":


To trade I have a Vaughan Dainty in perfect condition marked..."VAUGHAN, CHICAGO, PAT'D. APPL'D., BLOCK'S LIQUOR HOUSE, ST. JOSEPH, MO." I am in search of the any of the following Syroco corkscrews; Copperfield, laughing man, Pickwick, tramp or country gentleman.

Email: Josef L'Africain.

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