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Saturday, August 2, 2003

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New York, New York, August 2, 1949 - Louis Strauss has received United States Patent Number 2,478,063 for his "Utility Tool Kit." This type of folding tool kit, often referred to as a "bow" or "harp" has been around since the last century. Louis' primary interest was to furnish a knife blade in his kit that would be protected by the arrangement of the other tool elements. The tool consists of a corkscrew, saw, awl, screwdriver, hammer, bottle opener, knife, can opener, and augur. Each tool can be folded out individually for use.

Strauss says "For the casual user of tools, it has been found to be quite expensive to purchase and maintain a complete set of individual tools, such as a hammer, saw, screw driver, and the like. It being also necessary to purchase or construct a tool box to contain and safeguard such tools."

Strauss' patent is being produced as the "Toolmaster" It comes with a leather case which can be imprinted with advertising. One firm, Gadgeteers of Orange, New Jersey, offers it for $3.95.

Shown with the Strauss patent are two examples of the Utility Tool Kit.

The American example at lower right is true to the patent with the exception of placement (order) of the tools.

At top left is the English version which has only seven tools. It does not have a can or bottle opener nor a saw blade.

The American version has a wire helix and the English version has a web helix.

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