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Monday, April 14, 2003

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Getting a Handle on it

Brooklyn, New York, April 14, 1885 - Edward P. Haff has been granted United States Patent Number 315,773 for his invention entitled "Corkscrew." Haff says "The object of my invention is to provide a handle for corkscrew and tools or implements which, while of cheap and simple construction, shall be strong and durable and securely attached to the metal shank of the tool.

New "Old" Corkscrews

Wirtz, Virginia - A number of our daily readers have written about their "old" Italian brass corkscrews. Some have paid a fair amount of money for them and question whether they got a bargain. There are several brass corkscrews currently produced in Italy and the company is offering some "aged" examples. The company that offers them makes no claims of them being old. They are nice corkscrews and can be welcome additions to any corkscrew collection.

Here are some of the offerings:

Cavatappi Extra
Extra Corkscrew

Cavatappi Extra invecchiato
Aged Extra Corkscrew

Cavatappi per tappi a fungo
Mushroom-cork Corkscrew

Cavatappi per tappi a fungo invecchiato
Aged Mushroom-cork Corkscrew

Cavatappi a leve "Archimede"
Lever Corkscrew

Cavatappi a leve "Archimede" invecchiato
Aged Lever Corkscrew

Cavatappi con sfiatatoio (sgasatore)
Corkscrew with vent-hole

Cavatappi con sfiatatoio invecchiato
Aged Corkscrew with vent-hole

Unfortunately, there are those who offer these corkscrews as old and command high dollars for them.

Before setting out to buy corkscrews, The Daily Screw suggests that you learn all you can about corkscrews and that you know the reputation of the person you are dealing with.

Right: Cavatappi semi-automatico Ginger - Semi-automatic Corkscrew

Top of Article: Cavatappi Extra Semplice - Simple Extra Corkscrew

Letters to the Editor


California - I want to propose Marcie Hamilton (The Daily Screw - April 13) for a new class of membership in corkscrew clubs. We could have a "Pen Pal" membership category. She could supervise and report on various corkscrew "knocks off and forgeries." This subject has been in the news a lot lately ... Michael Sharp

Swamp Thing

Fort Lauderdale, Florida - A footnote to yesterday's story on Marcie: The Lowell Correctional Facility is on the way to Florida's Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary .... Alf Erickson

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