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Saturday, July 12, 2003

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Pecazaux's Patent

France, July 12, 1966 - Yesterday M. Marcel François Pecazaux was granted French Patent No. 1,449,657 for a "Tire-bouchon pneumatique à réaction." This gas cork ejector has a plastic housing with a flared base to fit over the bottle.

The Tirvit has a simple cartridge, which slips into the top of the housing without the need to take apart the assembly. To operate, insert the needle into and through the cork then depress the cartridge to engage with the top of the needle. The canister opens briefly and gas is injected into the bottle. The cork is ejected.

A refill canister is available to recharge the cartridge. One refill is good for six charges. In case the needle is damaged, a few turns of a knurled nut made it easily removed and replaced.

Tirvit Instructions are given in English, French, German, and Italian. In all cases the results are the same:

English: POP! IT'S OUT.
French: HOP! C'EST TOUT.
Italian: TUTTO QUI!

Operating instructions on the Tirvit refill can are given in French, English, German, and Italian:

· Place the TIRVIT-PK Bomb on a table, hold it firmly and remove the stop.
· Insert the tube of the cartridge vertically into the aperture of the plastic connector.
· Press all the way down by means of the finger applied on the bottom of the cartridge and keep pressing for 1 to 2 minutes.
· Remove quickly the cartridge.

We present a gallery of the various Tirvits produced:

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