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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Number 519

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Drilling for Wine

Cartoon submitted by Ron MacLean

The combination corkscrew and bottle opener (in the base) is an advertising giveaway from Atlas Copco Electric Tools GmbH, Winnenden, Germany. Atlas Copco is an international manufacturer of industrial tools, compressed air equipment, construction and mining equipment, and more. The drill corkscrew is a rather substantial piece of advertising.

The drill corkscrew in this carpenter's set is accompanied by a plane bottle opener, and a saw for cutting fruit, cheese, etc. The set is wood and stainless steel and was made in Japan.

Do people actually use drills for uncorking wine? We found this photo on the Internet. It is a picture of someone named Joshua attempting to open a bottle of wine for New Year's 2007. Good luck Joshua!

We also found these two guys who captioned their 2005 photo "Lacking the proper corkscrew, Gino and Jarrod attempt to open a bottle of wine with a power drill."

Last we read a story entitled "How NOT to open a bottle of wine". Dave wrote " I fetched my Dewalt cordless drill from the basement. My associate Jim steadied the bottle on the kitchen island. I placed the drill bit on the cork, and methodically proceeded to burrow through the reluctant cork to the burgundy nectar within. We eagerly watched the bit of the drill go deeper and deeper into the cork and then — BAM! The built-up fermented gases in the bottle exploded out, coating our faces hair and clothes with a glistening coat of red wine. My friends and I were nearly hysterical with laughter. Until we looked up at the ceiling. Directly above the island was a handsome, shotgun blast-shaped spray of dark red wine on my flat white kitchen ceiling. A glorious stain. "

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Thai Ingenuity

Do you remember all of those stories we had in the past about removing a cork without a corkscrew?* This past Wednesday Alf Erickson and his wife Watcharee visited her family north of Bangkok today. Alf wrote "I brought a couple bottles of wine....but, I forgot the corkscrew. Her uncle came to the rescue with a special corkscrew." Proof that there can be life without a corkscrew!


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Submitted by Godefroy Perot, Dinant (Belgium): "I was recently on the way to Dinan in Britain (France) and at the entrance of the 'Pont de Normandie' over the river Seine, on the north side of the bridge, you can see two big corkscrews. They are maybe 100 meters high."

Screwy Eiffel

Submitted by Jean Grignon

Yet Another Tree

Marcello Rossani writes "I send you the picture of this blossomed 'corkscrew olive-tree' (artificially created). I saw in a street of Maratea, Italy.

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