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Monday, February 24, 2003

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Corkscrews in Red Bank

Eatontown, New Jersey, Feb. 24, 1948 - Marshall T McDowell's has secured Design Patent 148,810 for his rack and pinion corkscrew. McDowell and Bertha Carlson Grudin have formed and trademarked the "Korkmaster Company" in Red Bank, New Jersey. The aluminum corkscrew will be packaged in a box proclaiming "Korkmaster, There's a Best in everything!"

McDowell also plans to make a smaller self-pulling version which he will call the Korkmaster Junior.

Collapsing Corkscrew

Barman, Germany, February 25, 1891 - Carl Hollweg was granted U. S. Patent 447,185 for his collapsing corkscrew today. Carl says the handle of his corkscrew acts as the protecting sheath keeping pockets from ripping.

The corkscrew handle is composed of four pieces which are connected at the ends forming a toggle-joint with gears. The screw-shank is secured to the handle at one of the joints. The flats on the handle can be used for advertising purposes.

Previously, in 1886 Carl received German Patent No. 39,829 for his knife design.

Black History Month Continues

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - Joe Paradi says "In celebration of Black History Month here is my picture that relates to Blacks and Corkscrews. It is a silk-screened painting on tin 16 " x 22" (40 x 56 cm). The scene is a prohibition era cellar where the black bartender had just pulled the cork from a bottle of booze. He dropped the corkscrew with the cork still on it saying: 'O LORDY DE BOSS' which is the caption under the picture."

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