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Monday, January 5, 2004

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Where has it been?

Wirtz, Virginia - After we ran the "Adults Only" article in the December 29 issue, we received this email from reader Ishai Nir:

" I think the real question is what do you do with a corkscrew that requires you wash it in warm soapy water?"

Ishai had noted the fine print cleaning instructions on this box:

We went rooting through our boxes again and came up with a couple of cleaning instructions:

Inside the Butler Staghorn style package was a little pamphlet with this on the cover:

Indeed those Staghorn handles are ceramic and inside the pamphlet we learned more than we ever wanted to know about care of the stainless steel parts in the bar set:

Our Copco Cork Pull had very little to say when it came to maintenance:

Thinking about proper use and care of corkscrews caused reader Chris Williams (Oregon) to ponder

"I would like to hear from your readers the excuses for broken tips to corkscrews, anything from chopping ice to opening beer bottles."

Got a broken tip? Tell us how it happened.

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