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Sunday, March 16, 2003

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Women's History Month

Sweet Jenny Jones

Wales - We have pictured three Jenny Jones corkscrews with a drawing by J. C. Rowland . The setting for the drawing is the Welsh mountains with the town of Llangollen in the background.

In 1802 Jenny Jones walked from Cardiganshire on the west coast of Wales to London to purchase a Bible. She carried a milk jug under her arm and was knitting. She had saved money for six years to buy a Bible. Jenny Jones was instrumental in forming the British and Foreign Bible Society. She became the pride of Llangollen.

Two lines from a Welsh song by John Parry are translated as:

My sweet Jenny Jones is the pride of Llangollen
My sweet Jenny Jones is the girl I love best

What's this?

The Answer will be seen in tomorrow's Daily Screw.

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