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Monday, November 3, 2003

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Modern Day Totems

Monash University, Australia - This project and obji-pole site was inspired and collated by Mary O'Sullivan, sessional lecturer in Studio Arts for the Faculty of Education of Monash University. Various objipoles were displayed within the bush garden surrounds of Peninsula campus. In total, fifty five students created a range of modern day totem poles to add color and spice to the campus environment. These inspiring installations were created as part of the Studio Arts class, a general studies subject available to Education students on the Peninsula campus. These large objipoles, many of which are up to 2.8 metres high were inspired by personal imagery, tribalism, surrealism and Dada. They provided a kaleidoscope of color, shape and form against the indigenous plants and served as a means for our students to actively research historical art movements.

Australia's Monash University has eight campuses including one in Malaysia and one in South Africa, and centres in London, UK and Prato, Italy. An energetic and dynamic university, Monash is committed to quality education and research

Allen Scores Again

Houston, Texas - In the 1970s Herbert Allen of the Hallen Company began tinkering with his corkscrew invention. By March of 1981 he had received his first patent for what would ultimately become the "Leverpull" with numerous design changes throughout its history. In September of the same year he received a patent for his plastic grip corkscrew with a coated worm for easy insertion and extraction. This invention was marketed in a table model and a pocket model as the "Screwpull. "

On this date in 1989, United States Patent Number 4,703,673 was issued for the Screwpull. In this patent, guides were added inside the frame as a stop on top of the bottle. The Screwpull has enjoyed tremendous success over the past 20 plus year in the face of growing competition from hundreds of knockoffs worldwide.

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