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Sunday, January 7, 2007

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Corkscrew Stamps

In the May 1, 2003 issue we featured corkscrew stamps from Argentina and Israel. On August 27, 2006 reader Jean Grignon submitted a Canadian First Day Cover featuring a corkscrew. The photos are reprinted below.

Reader Philippe Steff (France) has reported two additional stamp finds:

The Australian corkscrew stamp is part of a series of five stamps issued in July 2005.
Designed by Andrew Hogg of Melbourne.

First Day Cover for Australia Wine Stamps

Bosnia & Herzegovina stamp featuring four coskcrews

We searched the Bosnia & Herzegovinia postal website to date this stamp but did not find it in any of the issues from 1995-2006. Then Bruce L. Johnson, editor of Enophilatelica - The Journal of Wine on Stamps, cleared up the mystery with "...the Bosnian stamp is Scott #102 issued on 25 May 2003 by Bosnia & Herzegovina (Croat Administration). The Bosnia & Herzegovina (Croat Administration) is located in Mostar, and is to be distinguished from Bosnia & Herzegovina, which is a Muslim government headquartered in Sarajevo, and Bosnia & Herzegovina (Serb Administration), which is located in Banja Luca. All three entities issue postage stamps.

The occasion that prompted the issuance of Bosnia & Herzegovina (Croat Administration) #102 was 'World Wine Day,' which is an annual event held the last weekend in May."

On February 26, 2000 Argentina issued a set of four stamps with a wine theme. The stamps depictd a grape, wine bottle bottoms, a partial wine bottle and seal, and a worm.

On August 8, 2002 Israel issued a set of three stamps with a wine theme. The stamps depict a wine bottle with wine glass, grape shears with grapes, and a corkscrew with a cork.

Above cover courtesy of Alf Erickson

The Israeli stamp First Day Cover

The Canadian Postal Service offers "Two pairs of elegant and tasteful stamps pay tribute to two of Canada's internationally acclaimed palate-pleasers -- wine and cheese."

Argentina's Corkscrew FDC

Reader Jean Grignon reports a new First Day Cover was issued in Argentina of September 16, 2006. Although there are no corkscrews on the stamps, the First Day Cover cancellation features a Lund Lever Corkscrew.

Grape and Wine Stamps

Check out the grape and wine stamps at

Blue Ross Pig

In the January 1, 2007 issue we published a photo of a Ross Pig in blue. Many readers inquired about this startling find. Sadly, it is only a virtual blue pig created by the guy who sweeps the floor at The Weekly Screw. Hopefully, one day a real one will turn up!

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