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Saturday, May 24, 2003

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Maro Prongs

Milan, Italy - On May 24, 1922 Guglielmo Della Zuana obtained German Patent Number 386,724 for his method of manufacturing a prong puller with the leaf spring blades made in one piece. The handle has a channel in the underside to accomodate the blades formed in a "U" shape. Once they are fully inserted into the handle, a block is secured in the channel between the legs of the "U". The "Maro" was previously patented in Italy.

Similar cork pullers including "Stap" and "Ideal" have been produced and use the same "U" shape channel to protect the prongs.

In the Slammer

Princetown, Devonshire, England - On this date in 1809 the Dartmoor Prison opened for housing French prisoners of war. Between 1812 and 1816 about 1,500 American and French prisoners died in the prison and were buried in a field beyond the prison walls. Unoccupied for over 30 years, Dartmoor was reopened in 1850 as a civilian prison for convicts sentenced to long terms of imprisonment or to hard labor.

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