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Saturday, September 6, 2003

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Wirtz, Virginia - In yesterday's edition, we asked readers to identify these:

Here are some of the responses:

Corkscrew manufacturing mistakes ... Peter Sullivan, London

Weapons of mass destruction ... George Bush, Washington, D. C.

Crude butter picks ... Martha Stewart, Connecticut

Fireplace tool handles ... Jean Grignon, Canada

Corkscrews made in North Korea ... Kim Jong Il

Corkscrews for Alcoholics ... Bernie Boozer, New York City

Various 'tools' from the "Swiss Army", Handy Home Abortion Kit, or Calcutta ear wax removal aids ... Alf Erickson, Thailand

The first "corkscrew" is actually a spoke from Jan Ulrich's bike after crashing during the last time trial during the Tour de France, thereby assuring Lance's victory. The second and third "corkscrews" are actually the very much sought after, and highly prized, Victorian earwax extractors. I couldn't tell you about the last one....doesn't look twisted enough to actually work......perhaps it is half of an elaborately decorated salad tong ... Josef L'African, Illinois

The real answer: They are all Back Scratchers offered by Tanner's Forge, Helper, Utah. On the left is the "Snake". The middle pair the firm advertises as "Cork Screw Backscratchers". On the right is the "S-Curve".

Tanner's Forge can be found on the Internet at

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