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Monday, December 15, 2003

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Christmas Shopping on the Internet

Wirtz, Virginia - We continue our Christmas shopping for corkscrews on the Internet with some "expensive" finds for those really dear friends!

Shirley Pewter Shops, Williamsburg, Virginia says this is "a unique way to present a corkscrew—disguised as a key! A distinctive gift for that wine lover. For strength, pewter is cast over a stainless steel screw. Made in France. $97.50"

From The Wine Cellars, Inc., Powder Springs, Georgia: L'esprit et le Vin Double-Action Corkscrew This heavy duty pewter and gilt brass corkscrew was patented by Sir Thomason in 1802, the double-action system enables you to pull out the cork easily by continuously turning the handle in the same direction. The aim is to reduce the physical effort required to remove a cork and so allow you to open the bottle gently. The first helical shaft causes the worm to penetrate the cork. When it reaches the bottom of the cork, the larger helical shaft turns in order to pull out the cork. A ring of leather placed at the base of the corkscrew protects the neck of the bottle and adapts the device to different bottlenecks. Steel. $144.99

Two sterling silver corkscrews from Silverprince Framingham, Massachusetts. The picnic corkscrew is $135 and the frame corkscrew is $210.

Fashionable Canes and Walking Sticks, St. Petersburg, Florida offers a Corkscrew Cane with Olivewood handle for $119.

How about a Deluxe Waiter's Friend for your favorite waiter? This one is $95 from International Cutlery (formerly Hoffritz), New York City. Here's what they say about this one: "Handling a sophisticated tool when uncorking a good bottle of wine can become a delightful interaction between technology and pleasure. This deluxe waiters corkscrew, 'Camero', is made of high quality stainless steel with a satin finish and sleek modern design. For both the private connoisseur and the professional sommelier. Designed by YO creative answers and manufactured by Carl Mertens in Solingen, Germany."

The Joerg Hysek Carbon Fiber Knife is available in red or blue. Described as "New shape and material make this multifunctional Swiss knife better than ever. The multiple blades and tools are made from high-quality steel and provide a compact versatile implement which is as practical as it is eye-catching. 6 tools: corkscrew, knife, file, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver." Available from the for $325.00!

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