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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Number 500

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Issue Number 500

Editor Don Bull's note: In celebration of the 500th issue I am pleased to present the full story of the corkscrews often referred to as "Volstead". I set out to find evidence that they were indeed "Volstead" but ended up with evidence that they were not. I originally researched the subject twenty years ago (1988) and presented a paper to the ICCA. The story was subsequently added to my old America on Line website. And it found its own chapter in my 1999 book The Ultimate Corkscrew Book (pages 233-237). This current version has 77 photographs vs 11 in the book. It is presented as several pages in this issue. Click the first link below. Each page will have a link to the next page as well as links to all pages.

If you would like a printable 44 page PDF file (2.77 MB) of this study, email

The Kirby Story

Andrew Volstead
The Facts
Schuchardt's Patent
Demley & More
Flauder Patent
Bridgewater Patent
Syroco - Old Codger
Openers Plus
Death of a Puppet
Kirby Conclusion
The Drys

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