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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Number 500

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Schuchardt's Corkscrew

John Schuchardt filed for his "Novelty Bottle Opener" patent on August 24, 1934. U. S. patent number 2,010,326 was issued a year later.

The Schuchardt patent bears the closest resemblance to the figure created by Rollin Kirby. This latecomer (Prohibition had died over a year before the patent application) was invented by John R. Schuchardt of New York. On the underside of the umbrella on some of them, we find the marks "Made in U. S. A., Pat'd" and "Negbaur, N. Y." Schuchardt's son, a New Jersey resident was helpful in clearing up the "Negbaur" mark mystery. Harry Negbaur was a tool and die maker for the Dollin Die Casting Company of Irvington, New Jersey which cast the figures.

The "Negbaur" name also appears on the parrot corkscrews which were the design patent of M. D. Avillar of New York (#78,554 issued on May 21, 1929). Negbaur received many design patents from the 20s through the 50s for bill clips, pocket flasks, cigarette lighters, and other utensils. His cousin Hal Negbaur of New York knows very little about him other than to say that he was "always -tinkering with something." Many of the figures without turning head are marked "Demley". Schuchardt's son vaguely recalled that "Demley may have been the legal guy from Great Neck that working with my father and the manufacturer."

The Pre-Patent Schuchardt Corkscrews are marked LITTLE SNORT and


OLD SNIFTER appears on those marked with PAT'D and NEGBAUR

A third version with no name on base and U.S. PAT. NEGBAUER N.Y. under the umbrella
Note: This version has an incorrect extra letter E in NEGBAUR

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