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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Number 500

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Rollin Kirby's Cartoon Figure

Are the corkscrews caricatures of Volstead?

NO! They are a direct takeoff on the "Dry" figure invented by Rollin Kirby. Kirby's figure was of his own design but, as with most works of artists, is based upon objects of the past and present. Kirby's figure is a combination of Moliere's Tartuffe, Dicken's Stiggins, Abe Lincoln, Keppler's studies, and his own vivid imagination. The figure is "Mr. Dry", "Old Snifter", "Little Snort", "Codger", "Old Codger" and "Topper." He is portrayed as the wets saw him and he carries the umbrella of the "dry" faction (I hope the meaning of this symbol is easily recognized!)

Our "Volstead" corkscrews are not "Volstead". They are the "Kirby" corkscrews. .

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