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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Number 500

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There are a number of variations of the "Demley" corkscrew. Most frequently seen are those marked on the base OLD SNIFTER and DEMLEY in chromed or bronzed variations and are approximately 169mm high. Both come with fixed or removable hats. The son of John Schuchardt (patented turning head) vaguely recalled "Demley may have been the legal guy from Great Neck that was working with my father and the manufacturer."

Three examples of the "Old Snifter" without the Demley mark

Left: No marks
Right: Example without "Old Snifter" but with the Demley mark

Silver-plated "Old Snifter" - no Demley mark

Demley Old Snifter advertising "Loder & Sharp"

BISHOP AND BABCOCK, a one-time brewer supply house which was located in Cincinnati, Ohio at 1025 Central Ave.

Demley Old Snifter souvenir of the Boston Tercentenary 1630-1930.

Labels found on the bottom of Demley Old Snifters: Heller, Chicago
and the Chicago "A Century of Progress" World's Fair.

A knock-off of Demley's Old Snifter in two different sizes ( 6 1/2" and 7"). Both have the name "Old Snifter" on one side of the base. On the other side is EMP in an oval logo and "Icebreaker".

"Old Benson" is an excellent reproduction of the Demley Old Snifter. It was made in Taiwan in 2000 and marketed by RSVP International, Seattle, Washington as "Old Benson, The Bottle Butler". It is marked "Old Benson" on the base. The package copy is "A Classic from the Thirties. Our Discovery of Old Benson The Bottle Butler in the back of a junk shop inspired us. We've picked up his top hat, brushed off his tie and tails, making him once again available to all who can appreciate this classic of early 20th century American design."

The Old Benson mark on the base

Bottle opener only - no corkscrew with large base (maker unknown)

The rarest of the Kirby corkscrews is shown at right compared for size to the "standard" Old Snifter. It is solid bronze, unmarked and 180mm tall. Have you noted the significant differences from the other Demleys?....This one has two cap lifters and, suddenly, we find him carrying an UMBRELLA!

Old Snifter vacationing in Bermuda

Although I have not seen a Demley Old Snifter with lighter, others claim it exist. Given the fact that Demley produced lighters, it is likely that it did exist. Above is one that apparently would have had a hinged hat.

A Bulldog lighter by Demley

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