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Sunday, February 15, 2004

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Black and White

Der Korkenzieher mit Pfiff

Wirtz, Virginia - Our June 13, 2003 edition featured a story on Wolfgang Tischler's patented prong cork remover.

Now we'ver found black and white examples in their original "Ah-ha" boxes. The packaging is from Monopol, Germany and we learn how to use it in four easy steps:

  1. Pull the two piece handle upwards and place it on the bottleneck.
  2. Push one half of the handle vigorously down...
  3. ...and then the other half. Cork is firmly clamped without any damage.
  4. Grip the two piece handle as well as the upper body of the corkscrew with one hand and pull it gently upwards with a slight turning motion.

In his fine book on prong pullers (Federzungen), Reinhold Berndt pictures the Tischler prong puller in red and white.

More Bull

Reader Jean-Claude Vanden Bruel has found another Bull. This new corkscrew is marked KOZIOL and MADE IN GERMANY 2003.

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