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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Number 526

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Common Threads

What do these two objects have in common?

In 1891 Heinrich Ehrhardt was granted German Patent No. 60,662 for his corkscrew with a swivel-over collar and a heavy nose. Heinrich, however, had much greater aspirations than the design of corkscrews. He also patented processes for pressing and extruding metal as well as the recoiling barrel gun. In 1896 he established the Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach (Eisenach Vehicle Factory). Within a short time the factory employed 600 people in the manufacture of military wagons, bicycles, and automobiles. The car pictured above is a "Wartburg" which was built for a 1902 Paris to Vienna race. The car was built in Heinrich's factory.

Automobiles and Corkscrews

Rather than collect all corkscrews, some corkscrew collectors narrow their interests to specific categories. Some collect mechanical corkscrews while others may specialize in figurals, silver, mechanical, or a wealth of other categories. Does anyone collect automotive related corkscrews? Here are a few examples.

This double lever corkscrew features the emblem used on Cadillac automobiles from 1957 through 1960.

1958 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

A modern Cadillac advertising corkscrew

A lion corkscrew from a Buick dealer

1909 Buick

A picnic corkscrew complete with six coasters showing the Chrysler Pentastar emblem. Siegfried Hölterscheit, Huckelhoven, Germany was granted 1989 American Design Patent No. D-301,532 for this set, June 13, 1989. The patent title is "Combination Coaster Set, Corkscrew and Bottle Opener". Chrysler introduced the Pentastar emblem in 1962.

Audi 80 Folding Corkscrew

The Mercedes picnic corkscrew is enclosed in a cylinder which is simply marked TASTE.

A Rolls Royce hood ornament is the inspiration for this corkscrew.

Laguna Seca

And for race fans there is the corksrew at the Mazda Raceway in Laguna Seca, California.

The driver and passenger are a corkscrew and bottle opener ready for the race!

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