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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

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May Flowers

Woodmere, New York, May 13, 1969 - One week ago Fred S. Steiner received his U. S. Design Patent Number 214,078 for a "Combined Container Opener and Corkscrew." The patent was assigned to Bonny Products of Lynbrook, New York.

The stainless steel cap lifter and can piercer are riveted together on the end of the plastic body. The worm stores inside the body with a rounded extension of the top exposed on the side. By pushing the extension, the worm swivels out for use.

Bonny Products, a housewares company, has the handles silk-screened with floral designs. Shoppers find it an inviting delight for May, the month of flowers.

Letter to the Editor

In yesterday's "Guiding Girls" article it says the Girl Guides were founded in 1909. The "Girl Guides" knife pictured in the article has a 1907 Registration date. How can the knife come before the foundation of the organization? ... Roger Berg, Michigan

Editor: Although the knife design was registered in 1907, the company would produce the knife for years to come. When someone ordered it with the Girl Guides engraving, the registration date of the knife was also engraved. It could have been made several years after the Girl Guides was founded. This is no different than a patent date appearing on a corkscrew in many production years after the original patent date.

What is it?

The Answer will appear in tomorrow's edition of The Daily Screw.

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