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ØDon't forget to check out my book, Flower Frogs for Collectors. To learn more about the book and view sample pages click here. As of October 2015, I am no longer selling copies of my book .


American Pottery Sampler Part I and II. (link takes you to Part I) Two pages of photos of American Pottery Frogs, nine photos per page. Part II only. 5/28/00

Bathing Beauties. These rare and unusual ladies would make a great addition to anyone's collection. Updated (new picture)6/30/98. If you have an interest in these ladies you will want to vistit Sharon Weintraub's website: Naughties, Nudies, and Bathing Beauties. Sharon has a book on the subject by the same name. The book only features one flower frog, but there is lots of information about the development and manufacturing of these ladies.

The Chinese Launderer. This is a most unusual flower frog patented by Margaret Clayes of San Francisco in 1920.11/00

Weiss, Kühnert & Co. Porcelain Factory. Catalog pages from the 1920s now identify five flower frog figures made by this German company that became part of East Germany. 6/30/03. Updated 4/29/06.


Helen Klemko has kindly reviewed for us the National Cambridge Collectors, Inc. 24th Annual Convention, held in Cambridge, Ohio, on June 26 through June 29, 1997. Please Click Here to see her page. Also visit The National Cambridge Collectors Website.

English Pressed Glass Flower Frogs. A sampling of English unmarked glass flower frogs to help guide and enlighten the collector. Nyree, our fellow English flower frog collector, has helped verify and add to information compiled by Bonnie Bull. 2/99. Updated 3/00: Information was added to the main page and a second page was added on Jobling and Davidson with information supplied by Rod Crowshaw. Both pages Updated 1/26/08. A third page was added on Bagley on 1/26/08.

A Visit to Fenton Glass. The Factory, the Museum, the flower frogs. 11/98. 2/ 24/99, 8/16/03, 8/18/07, 9/9/08, 2/25/09, 3/1/09.

German Pressed Glass Satin glass figurals made by August Walther and Söhne from 1934-36. 4/28/02

Gillinder & Sons. Pressed glass round frog patented by Kraft Booth Dec. 7, 1915 and assigned to Gillinder & Sons, Inc. 7/26/03

Heisey Glassware Flower Frogs. Description of Heisey flower frogs and photo of Heisey Duck and Kingfisher.12/27/97.11/16/00.


Metal Flower Frogs: Four pages of pictures and descriptions of metal flower frogs. 8/99. Besure to visit all four pages. Then check out the Patents page which has been updated to include patents on metal flower frogs. Updated 8/99.

Blue Ribbon Flower Holder Co (1/00).

Jackie O's Flower Frogs Jackie O's flower holders bring high price at Sotheby's auction.

Nuart Metal Creations. This company made metal flower frog ladies similar to the Frankart ladies. 2/16/2008.

The Perfect Arranger for the 90's. Just when you thought the foam block was the only way to go, something new comes along. 7/99. Updated 11/00, 2/07.

Petal-Shaped Flower Holders Cast in Lead. These frogs, patented by Ernestine N. Pole, were produced in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. 11/15/01

Other (overviews)

Flower Frogs: A Selected Bibliography, The Rakow Library, The Corning Museum of Glass. This recently updated bibliography was compiled and shared (4/13) by Gail P. Bardhan, Reference & Research Librarian, Rakow Library, Corning Museum of Glass. The Bibliography covers books, articles, catalogs, and photos housed by the Rakow Library. For more information contact Rakow Research Library, 5 Museum Way, Corning, NY 14830. (607) 438-5300. rakow@cmog.org

Current Flower Frog Productions. This article should help identify what is being currently or somewhat recently produced.12/19/03. 7/31/08, 2/7/10, 1/3/21

Flower Frogs Sold in the 1962 Downs & Co. Catalogs. Shown are a black ceramic frog, a Danish adjustable plastic arranger, Adapto metal arranger for vases, lucite centerpiece ring, and lucite arrangers to fit over candles.3/29/05

The Art That Influenced Female Flower Frog Design This main index page takes you to several different female design influences; such as, Venus, Psyche, Loie Fuller, the art of Mucha, and September Morn.4/01

The Making of a Book by Bonnie Bull. One of the fun things about doing a book is that you get to meet with the collectors and see their collections and how they display them. You can travel with me on the following pages as I move from place to place and from home to home. 11/99-12/99.

Books Referencing Flower Frogs. This is a list of books (in alphabetical order by subject) that picture and/or describe flower frogs. Please help by contributing books you are aware of that are not on the list. 1/99.2/4/01, 2/9/03 and 5/4/05.

Flower Frogs Sold by Mail Order 1984-1988. By Bonnie Bull. In my newsletters, one of the features each quarter was flower frogs being sold in mail order catalogs. I have recreated those images for the internet. Next to each image is the date of newsletter issue in which it appeared, the name of the mail order company and a brief description. I have edited the descriptions but have tried to maintain the "mood" of the original catalog description.page 6 contains flower frogs offered by mail order from 1997-2007. Page 7 contains flower frogs sold in 2008-2009.

Information Please. A survey done by Marcia Bradley in Feb. 1997 (but just uploaded 12/21/97). Marcia asks Online FFG Collectors for basic information about Flower Frog Collecting.

Letters From RJ. Ongoing correspondence. Includes photos. Deal of the Century Mandolin Lady. Cowan Restoration. Steuben Buddha Bargain and Resale.7/12/02. At last, after four years another letter from RJ!

A Brief History of Flower Frogs...this is an overview for collectors by Bonnie Bull. Includes patents and photo.

The September Morn Story. How and why the image of September Morn became so popular. 12/98 4/8/01 with more pictures of September Morn items including flower frogs.

A Day at the NYC Triple Pier Expo. Description of show and a great photo of very special German lady flower frog.

Westchester Pottery and Glass Show Prices. Note: Under CAMBRIDGE, "September Morn" is the same as Cambridge Collector's "Bashful Charlotte."

Just Photos

Click here to see the best way to use all those clear glass round flower frogs. :) just kidding!

Lusterware hanging flower frog

Bonnie's Flower Frog Cupboard

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