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Weiss, Kühnert & Co. Porcelain Factory

The two ladies and boy fishing shown here are pictured in my book, Flower Frogs for Collectors. They are marked "Relpaw" and "Germany." These figures appear in the 1924 and 1927 catalog pages of Weiss, Kühnert & Co. The factory was located in Gräfenthal, Thuringia, Germany (formerly East Germany) and the items they produced were predominantly made for export. Although the factory is no longer in operation, the building is still standing and the German Doll Co., which has acquired many of the molds, is currently reissuing items from these molds.

The original catalog page shows a large and small version of each item. In addition to the Relpaw "flower frog" items shown here, the catalog page also shows a "frog fishing" and two more ladies on rocks. One lady is kneeling and holding up a bouquet with both hands, and one is seated holding a scarf up behind her. According to Susan Bickert of the German Doll Co., "Relpaw was a large old German company that made aquarium-related products, and Weiss, Kühnert produced those pieces exclusively for Relpaw and incised their name on them." Susan's partner in Germany is Roland Schlegel. BB

View 1927 catalog page


5.5"h. Marked "Relpaw 572" and "Germany 6334."

Defunct Weiss, Kühnert Factory
Gräfenthal, Thuringia, Germany

5"h. Marked "Relpaw Germany."

5.25"h. Marked "Relpaw 571" and "Germany 6336."

The German Doll Company, which has acquired molds from Weiss, Kühnert & Co., reissued the Deco lady at left in limited quantity (approx. 20). She sold on their website for $70, but is now sold out. In addition to the lady flower frog the German Doll Co. also reissued Pierrot and Pierrette figures on a shell with flower holes. The deco lady and the Pierrot figures are not pictured in the 1924 and 1927 catalog pages, but Susan Bickert of the German Doll Co., assures me they were made by Weiss, Kühnert.

Photos of the deco lady and Pierrot courtesy of the German Doll Company.
The German Doll Co. website is located at www.german-doll.com. Note: There no longer is a German Doll Co. website. Also Roland Schlegel (the German counterpart to the German Doll Co.) has been selling duplicate German flower frogs and figurines on eBay. They are not marked German Doll Co. and are listed as old. 4/29/06. They have resurfaced at www.german-doll.org. 2/18/09

At left are the Pierrot on Shell (front and back view) and the German Doll Co. Logo. The Pierrette (female version) is very similar but she is wearing a dress.
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