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Report on the National Cambridge Collectors 24th Annual Convention by Helen Klemko...

The National Cambridge Collectors, Inc. 24th Annual Convention was held in Cambridge, Ohio, on June 26 through June 29, 1997. The convention encompassed a number of activities, including tours of a number of the local glass factories.

In addition there was a wonderful glass show on Friday evening and a flea market early Saturday morning.

For anyone who loves elegant depression glass, the Cambridge show is a must see. The glass show sets up at the Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center, and it is not unusual for collectors to commence gathering early in the morning waiting for the doors to open at 4:30 p.m. By the time the doors open numerous rumors have spread of which booth has what glass and everyone eagerly awaits. It is a rush to get into the room, and then you become open mouthed at all the glass and all the colors.

We have been for a number of years, and we still get struck by the amount and variety of Cambridge glass. The company produced just about every conceivable color and item in elegant depression glass. This is a show for the beginner as well as the advanced collector. The price range runs from affordable to the expensive, and every year seems to bring price increases.

It also appears that each year a certain color or etch or encrusting is dominant. Last year it seemed there were more Ebony Gold Encrusted items than before. This year, I think I noticed more silver overlay pieces, particularly in the Gloria design.

As usual, Rose point etch was very popular. Cambridge produced more in this etch, particularly on crystal, than any other. It was the Bride's favorite back in the 30's, 40's and 50's, and is still sought after by many collectors. The National Cambridge Collectors, Inc. has produced a very nice book on "Cambridge Rose Point" which is available from the club by writing to: National Cambridge Collectors, Inc., Dept. RP, P.O. Box 416, Cambridge, OH 43725. The present cost is $14.95, plus shipping (at the present time that is $3.00 for the first book).

Also in abundance at this year's show were the wonderful flower frogs which were produced by Cambridge. All colors seemed to be represented. I saw the small and tall Draped Ladies, and many Rose Ladies. Prices seem to have remained steady over the past few years, except for the flower frogs in Willow Blue which have continued to climb. A number of the Draped Ladies had the oval base instead of the usual round base.

The flea market on Saturday morning is always a treat. This flea market is mainly Cambridge glass and is rather a unique affair. The dealers and buyers are allowed to enter the room at the same time. The dealers have not had an opportunity to set up before the buyers arrive. As the dealers unpack the selling begins. It is pure luck if you happen to be in the right place at the right time as something is being unpacked that you may want. Once again there were a large number of the Cambridge frogs. Included was a Melon Boy (the only one I saw) and a Mandolin Lady (once again the only one). I was lucky enough to claim the Peachblo Mandolin Lady.

It is a very exciting weekend. The quality and quantity of Cambridge glass is outstanding.

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