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Nuart Metal Creations - New Dawn Products

The flower frogs shown on this page were created by Nuart Metal Creations and were part of their New Dawn Products line. The line appeared in their catalogs in the late 20s and early 30s. Nuart made a variety of products that included ashtrays, bookends, lamps, candlesticks, and flower holders. The Frankart-like creations were made of white metal and offered in four finishes: bronze, ebony, oriental red, and green. The ladies were offered in a 1928 catalog in Tiffany Green and Bronze. The Company was located in New York and their products were distributed by The Gift House, Inc. located on Broadway in New York City. BB.

Above: New Dawn Flower Holder, 11" h. Above: Dancing Girl Flower Holder, 8" h. Above: New Dawn Flower Holder as offered in c.1931 catalog from The Gift House, Inc.
I want to thank Stephen Turek for letting me know these ladies were made by Nuart. BB.



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