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Heisey Glassware Flower Blocks

by Bonnie Bull

This will be a very quick overview of glass flower frogs made by A. H. Heisey & Co. I quote from an article on Heisey Glassware by Clarence Vogel (of the Heisey Museum) which appeared in the Rainbow Review Glass Journal, October, 1975:

"The number 14 and 15 blocks are two of the best and rarest of the Heisey frogs. The bird (kingfisher) and duck have become highly collectible items for Heisey collectors. They have been found in several colors; Flamingo, Moon Gleam, and Hawthorne. Many animal lovers want them in their collection of animal figurines.

Of those examined the Diamond H mark has been found only on the Kingfisher block. It is extremely small and will be found by the bird's claws. It seems strange that the Kingfisher is marked and the duck is not.

On May 3, 1927 Ray Coble filed application for a patent on the duck block. Patent was granted August 23, 1927. The patent assures us this was a product of the A. H. Heisey Company. No patent has been found for the Kingfisher.

There are some other floral blocks made by Heisey which are not shown here, but all of them are quite simple and conform in configuration with the No 2 and No 9. The one exception to this is a diamond frog which fits into the 15" swan handled floral bowl."

Duck in Moongleam, 5"h. The Duck is inserted into the flower block. Produced from 1927-1933. Kingfisher in Flamingo, 5.5"h. Produced from 1927-1933. From the collection of Ginny Whitham.

A. H. Heisey & Co. Please use this link to learn more about Heisey & Co. and Heisey Collectors.

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