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English Pressed Glass - Davidson and Jobling
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English Pressed Glass Flower Frogs

The following are examples of English Pressed Glass. For the most part they were produced in the 1920s and 30s and are the English equivalent to American Depression Glass. Nyree Scott, our fellow flower frog collector in England, has collaborated with me to provide as much information as possible. Also, I want to thank to Rod Crowshaw and John Bell for their input. BB.


Sowerby Squirrel in amber glass. Note the squirrels on the bowl. It also comes with a square bowl of similar design. Presumably Sowerby but there is no documentation.

Photo courtesy of John Bell


Sowerby Seated lady, 8-3/4"h. Colors seen: green, pink (Rosalin), amber, and clear (all satin/acid glass), c.1925. Known to be offered in their 1936 catalog.

Rod: "This is in fact a Sowerby piece and was produced for some considerable time, it was even shown in their 1956 catalogue! The colour is nice as although the catalogue shows it made in green it is not a colour one sees often or associates with Sowerby."

Rod Crowshaw
Pressed Glass Collectors Club

Sowerby Seated Lady with Arms Down, pink satin.

Sowerby Lady holding two roses above her head, amber satin.
 The following were previously believed to be English but are now known to be Czech and German.

Dolphin, green satin, has peg which fits into clear glass frog. Bowl is 10" in diameter. Fish and frog are approximately 11" high. According to Nyree this fish in England is very common and not popular. It also comes in dark blue and pink. Note: This frog is now known to be Czechoslovakian despite its abundance in England. BB
This comment from John Bell: "Czechoslovakia was flooding the UK market with inexpensive decorative glass during the early 20s until the UK Government imposed a prohibitive duty on imports which effectively killed the trade off. There was so much and without names that I believe that most figural frogs were Czech but have become to be considered English because of their proliferation."


Now known to be German pressed glass manufactured by August Walther & Söhne. Please visit German Pressed Glass
Sea Gull with fish at base. Green satin. Bowl is combination of clear and satin glass. The Sea Gull also comes in clear and blue.


Now known to be German pressed glass manufactured by August Walther & Söhne. Please visit German Pressed Glass

Mermaid holding clamshell bonnet with fish at feet (yes, she has feet, not a fins). Scalloped base with 8 holes. Lady is on peg which inserts into base. Green satin. Nyree: Also comes in blue and pink. The mermaid has a companion bowl surrounded with fish. She is not particularly rare, but because she is pretty she can go for over 50-75 British pounds.

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