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I often receive e-mail asking what flower frogs are being produced currently. There are different articles and links available on this website which talk about current productions (some no longer so current), but I will try to round them all up here.

The oldest article that should be studied is Flower Frogs Available by Mail Order. This article shows flower frogs sold by mail order dating back to 1984.

The Fenton Nymph was reissued in 6 different colors in the 1990's. In 2001 she was reissued in vaseline. The reissues are marked with the Fenton logo; the originals were not. See my article on Fenton Art Glass for more information.

The stainless steel Perfect Arranger was introduced in the 1990s and is still being marketed today.

Dorothy Biddle Service sells an extensive line of floral arranging products. Unfortunately, DBS no longer sells retail, but you can still see what is currently available by clicking on "Floral and Craft Items."

At right: DBS reproduction frog made from an antique flower frog.

Also see the article on Weiss, Kühnert & Co. to see which items are being reissued by The German Doll Company (lower portion of page).

In addition Marcia Bradley has informed me that Tender Heart Treasures has been offering new flower frogs for the past three years (2000-2003). They are pictured below.

Far left: 2 piece vase, flower frog "lid" lifts off. 11" h. This one was offered 3 years ago; the following year they offered it in colors.

Center: Green glass jars with metal flower frog lids. Large 8"h. x 3.5"d. Small 5.75"h. x 2.5"d. The set of 3 (1 lrg., 2 sml) sells on their website for $19.95

The Tender Heart Treasures glass jar series also includes a set with a honeycomb pattern and a cornflower blue set with an embossed fan design. The same criss-cross metal lids are use for all three sets
Cornflower blue pattern with embossed fan design. Made in 2003.
3/04. At right is the latest Tender Heart Treasures metal grid lid flower arranger- a rose bowl in pale pink in a hobnail design with embossed flowers. Large: 5 3/4"h x 5 1/4"dia., small: 4"h. x 3 1/2"dia. The large size sells for $11.95. A set of 2 small and one large sells for $19.95.

12/21/03. From Stacey Pyper (StaceyPyper@hotmail.com):

Southern Living at HOME offers a light green, Arrange-It-Easy Vase, for $18.95, plus shipping and handling and tax. This is a very plain design. The vase is 6" in diameter by 6" tall, with a 5 1/2" removable "frog" lid in matching color.

The Arrange-It-Easy Vase "frog" lid fits into 2 other bowls. First, it fits into the Tiny Bubbles Bowl, made of clear glass with "bubbles" (8" diameter x 4" tall, $12.95). The other is a two piece white Canister, from the new Gallery Collection. The canister is 6 1/4" diameter x 6 5/8" tall, and holds 6 1/2 cups ($39.95). It comes with a matching lid which can be removed and replaced with the Arrange-It-Easy frog.

Visit modernfrogs.com to see the newly cast glass figural frogs. (12/04)

12/01/04 From Dreena Barker: "I am a flower frog fan of long standing. I am also an artist. I have just posted a web site offering some of my latest creations - flower frogs! Take a look - www.modernfrogs.com"

To date, Dreena has created and cast a frog, snail, turtle, and ladybug. Also available is a companion freeform rippled "saucer" that makes the frog look like it is sitting in a pond. The limited edition pieces are signed and numbered and each one comes in two or three different colors.

Although I don't consider these flower "frogs," they are flower arrangers, so you might want to check out WebVase (also called Eziranger) and Blossom Crown.


At left, WebVase was patented in Great Britain in 2005 and is marketed as Eziranger in the USA by Kinsman Company.

At right, Blossom Crown is a bendable reusable wire grid available in numerous sizes and bead options.


  4" diam. glass round is currently (2009-2010) being made in the Czech Republic and sold on the internet at Garden Shop Online Also being sold by Dorothy Biddle Service. They list the round at 3"d x 2"h.

  Giovanni's Borosilicate Glass Candle Holder And Vase. A handcrafted bud vase with a removable candle holder Each hand-blown vase is 4.25" diam. x 4.5" h. and comes with a removable candle holder for standard tapers. Included is a single white taper candle. Handcrafted for Uno Alla Volta and offered in their Catalog and website for $99, 1920-21.

If you know of other new flower frogs please send info to bbull@bullworks.net

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