The Perfect Arranger

While attending a local garden festival this June, I found myself before a table displaying the "Perfect Arranger." Standing behind the table was Deborah Reece. In talking to her I learned that she had recently bought the original design patent granted to inventor Howard Helgerson on March 19, 1991. She had seen the arranger in a shop in South Carolina and thought it was a great product. The shop owner put her on to the inventor, who no longer wished to manufacture the item. One thing led to another and Deborah was soon in business selling the Perfect Arranger.

This is how Deborah Reece describes the arranger:

The unique, patented design utilizes a flexible weave which expands to accommodate a wide range of stem diameters from sunflowers to lavender and holds them in the precise spot needed. Made from stainless steel, the Perfect Arranger can sit in water for days and then be returned to as new condition by running it through the dishwasher.

For additional information or to place an order contact

View Design Patent.

Update Fall 2000: I corresponded recently with Deborah Reece and learned that she has been quite successful with her Perfect Arranger. She does several retail shows a year in different parts of the country and her arranger is being offered this fall in the holiday edition of the Solutions Catalog. Already over 1200 units have been sold. It also received 1.5 minutes of air time on a QVC Home Products Show in October and 361 units were sold! Interesting statistics. Deborah will be going on QVC with her Perfect Arranger to do a lengthier presentation in early January, but it will be billed as the Stainless Steel Flower Arranging Tool. This is truly a great success story for a modern-day flower frog. 11/00.

Update Winter 2005: The Perfect Arranger is still being sold and appeared in the EximiousWinter 2005 Catalog. I added this to Flowers Sold by Mail Order.

Update Winter 2007: The Perfect Arranger is being sold in three sizes by Kinsman Company. This gardening supply company sells a variety of flower arranging aids under the department Flower Arranging/Floral Supplies.

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