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The Making of a Book

Sabrina and Freeland Tanner

 by Bonnie Bull

One of the fun things about doing a book is that you get to meet with the collectors and see their collections and how they display them. You can travel with me on the following pages as I move from place to place and from home to home. I've kept the pages short so you won't have to wait too long to load the page.

Here we are in California at the home of Freeland and Sabrina Tanner. Freeland has an incredible collection of metal flower frogs. Since we couldn't take the photo lights with us on the plane, my husband shot all the photos outdoors and Freeland had to gather up all his collection and take it outside.
The Tanners' Garden Window: It is always nice to have a few colorful glass rounds displayed in the window. The sunlight makes them come alive and sparkle.

The Tanners are also landscapers and have created many unusal dispay areas throughout their home.
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