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The Making of a Book

Cowan Pottery Museum

The Cowan Pottery Museum is located in the Rocky River Public Library in Rocky River, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. Curator Victoria Naumann Peltz was extremely helpful and accommodating, making sure we able to get great Cowan flower frog pictures for our book.

Here I am standing beside a picture from the 1920s of the Cowan Display Building. Cowan workers gathered in front of the building to have their picture taken.
At right is a display case showing some on the items in the William and Gladys Sheard Collection. The collection will be auctioned on November 20, 1999 at Rocky River by the Cowan Pottery Museum Associates.

Husband Don labored tirelessly to take pictures of all the Cowan flower frogs owned by the Museum.
At right is Victoria Naumann Peltz, curator of the Cowan Pottery Musem. She is also the photographer and co-author with Mark Bassett of Cowan Pottery and the Cleveland School. Victoria made sure she brought us every Cowan flower frog in the Museum's archives.  
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