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The Making of a Book

Vicky Wall / Nada Knauss / Melissa Kinney

Next we visited Vicky Wall in nearby North Carolina. Vicky specializes in rounds and cleverly tucks them away in little cubby holes.
At right is a another display unit showing more of Vicky's rounds. I love the alphabet blocks at the top that spell out "Flower Frogs."
After that it was on the road again. This time to Ohio. Here I am at the home of Nada Knauss. While husband Don set up the photographic equipment, I struggled to find my measuring tape in my purse. Nada was very helpful in taking all her items out of the display case to speed things along. Nada has a fine collection of lusterware.
Here I am at the home of Melissa Kinney (on left). She is the daughter of Barb Meyers, who subscribed to the original Gazettes in the 1980s. Melissa found me on the internet and, sadly, informed me that Barb had passed away in January. I thought a good way to remember Barb would be to include a few of her flower frogs in the book.

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