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This is a list of books (in alphabetical order by subject - glass, pottery) that picture and/or describe flower frogs. Please help by contributing additional information. Mail title, author, publisher and brief description of flower frogs referenced to: ffg@bullworks.net



Colors in Cambridge Glass published by the National Cambridge Collectors, Inc. Paducah, Kentucky: Collector Books, 1984.


A Century of Household Glassware in Australia 1880 to 1980 by Kevin & Margaret Conway. Copyright 2001. Contains a chapter on "Float Bowls, Epergne Bowls and Centre Pieces" (pp. 56-72) which features English, Czech, and German flower frogs. Be aware that they show a Fenten September Morn as "Spend A Penny Lady" from the U. K. and claims she is a depiction of the goddess Ariadne bound to the rocks. They also attribute many of the Walther pieces to the U. K. feeling they were manufactured in England. On p. 173 they suggest the American Co-op Flint Elephant (lidded container) is English.

Glass Animals of the Depression Era: Including Figural Flower Frogs and Reissues by Garman & Spencer. Collector Books, 1992. 237 pages. Features figural flower frogs from Cambridge, Fenton, Heisey, Mirror Images, New Martinsville, Steuben. (Out of Print.)

Colored Glassware of the Depression Era 2 by Hazel MarieWeatherman. Springfield, Missouri: Weatherman Glassbooks, 1974. An excellent book for glass collectors. Shows flower frogs from Co-0p Flint, Duncan Miller, Imperial, L. E. Smith, Fostoria, Westmoreland. (Out of Print.- one shows up for sale on eBay now and then)

Fower Frogs for Collectors by Bonnie Bull. For a full description click here.

Forgotten Glass, Pressed Glass Collectors Club. England, 2004. This is a 3 volume set that deals with glass from the 20s 30s & 40s. There are over 200 photos including about 30 flower frogs. Listing submitted by Rod Crowshow, President, Pressed Glass Collectors Club. I am unable to locate Rod or the club on the internet. BB 1/29/16.

Pressed Glass Figural Flower Float Bowl Sets, A Collector's Guide by Neil Cooper. copyright 2014 Neil Cooper. Published in Australia as a limited First Edition. This guide focuses on pressed glass figural flower float bowl sets made by American, British, Czechoslovakian and German manufacturers. It contains over 200 color photographs. Be sure to read the introduction so that you understand that the letters AN in a circle after the name of a bowl set means it is an name assigned by the author (Author's Name).


Fenton Art Glass, 1907-1939 by Kenn and Margaret Whitmeyer. Paducah, Kentucky: Collector Books, 1996. Shows the Sept. Morn Nymph in all her colors.


The Collector's Encyclopedia of Heisey Glass, 1925-1938 by Neila Bredehoft. Paducah, Kentucky: Collector Books, 1986.


Jobling Art Glass by Pressed Glass Collectors Club- the first in their series of collectors guides. The book features colour pics of virtually all of Joblings work 1932-47 and gives a full listing of registrations & designs. There are several blocks depicted, these are

1. Lady water carrier
2. Dancing girl
3. Fish
4. Mouse
5. Parrot
6. Kingfisher
3,4,5,&6 are opalique and were centres for an opalique ashtray (Ed. Note: considered frogs in England, but do not have holes for flowers BB)
7. Crinoline Lady

Listing submitted by Rod Crowshaw, President, Pressed Glass Collectors Club. Sorry, I no longer have contact info for Rod.


The Glass of Frederick Carder by Paul Gardner. P. 92 photo-5 inserts in flower blocks, p. 237 Catalog page reprint (line drawings, 9 flower frogs). (Out of Print.)


Bathing Beauties

Naughties, Nudies & Bathing Beauties by Sharon Wientraub. Hobby House Press, Inc., 1993. One Bathing Beauty flower frog, p. 51. Although only one flower frog is pictured, the book contains much information on the development and manufacturing of this genre. Available online from Amazon.com. See link below.


The Collector's Encyclopedia of Brush-McCoy Pottery by Sharon, and Bob Huxford. Paducah, Kentucky: Collector Books, 1978.

Sanfords' Guide to Brush-McCoy Pottery, Books 1 & 2 by Martha and Steve Sanford. San Jose, California: Adelmore Press, 1992 reprinted 1996.


Collector's Guide to Camark Pottery, Book II. by David Edwin Gifford. Paducah, Kentucky: Collector Books, 1999. Flower frogs pictured throughout the book and in catalog pages; double ducks, double swans, double egrets, fish, canoe, scarf dancer, songbird, perched bird, and butterfly.


Cowan Pottery and the Cleveland School by Mark Bassett and Victoria Naumann. Atglen, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 1997. 372 pages. This book has lots of color photos of Cowan lady flower frogs or "flower ladies" as the author refers to them. There are even photos and history of flower ladies produced by other companies included to illustrate design piracy and competition. Available online from Amazon.com. See link below.


Frankoma and other Oklahoma Potteries by Phyllis and Tom Bess. Atglen, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1995, revised and expanded 1996 and 2000. Frankoma Mermaid, Swan and Double fish flower frogs shown on pp. 14-15.


Collecting Royal Haeger - A comprehensive Illustrated Price Guide Highlighting the Figurines of the 30s & 40s by Lee Garmon and Doris Frizzell. Published in1989 by Collector Books. 191 pages. (Out of Print.)

The following are pictured in color in several finishes:
R-359 2-Bird Block, 11"w
R-360 Tropical Fish Block, 11"h
R-361 Birds-on-Branch Block, 7"l
R-363 Nude Astride Fish Block, 10"h
R-364 Nude Figurine on Seal Block, 13"h
R-820 Bird Block, 7"h
R-838 Turning Frog Flower Block, 4-1/2"h

The following appear in in black and white in reproduction of 1950 catalog pages:
R-363 Nude Astride Fish Block, Chartreuse
R-360 Fish Block, Silver Spray
R-772 Stag Flower Block, Chartreuse
R-788 Jockey Flower Block, Chartreuse
R-7275 Hexagonal Bowl, Candleholders, Flower Block, Chartreuse and Yellow
R-7285 Oval Bowl, Chandleholders, Flower Block, Silver Spray and Chartreuse

Catalog page from before 1944, designed by Royal Hickman
R-104 Standing Deer Flower Block, 11-1/2"h
R-125 Flying Bird Flower Block, (Seagull-wings over head), 17-1/2"h
R-157B 3-Fish Flower Block (noses down), oval base, 12-1/2"h
R-189 Nude Flower Block, sitting-knees up, 6"h
R-169B Leaping Trout Flower Block, 7"h

Haeger Potteries through the Years by David D. Dilley. Gas City, Indiana: L-W Book Sales, 1997. Lots of catalog pages. "Floral Frogs" pictured on pp. 243-244, 10 different including the seldom seen Mermaid with Child.

The House of Haeger, 1914-1944: The Revitalization of American Art Pottery by Joe and Joyce Paradis. Atglen, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1999. Shows some the earlier lady flower frogs resembling Cowan.


The Collector's Guide to Made in Japan Ceramics, Book III by Carole Bess White. Paducah, Kentucky: Collector Books, 1998. There's also a book I, II and IV. Only a few flower frogs are pictured, but the history, trademarks, and patent numbers are useful and informative.


Morton Potteries: 99 Years Vol. 2 by Doris and Burdell Hall. Gas City, Indiana: L-W Book Sales, 1995. Shows Cliftwood Art Pottery flower frogs: turtle in two sizes, frog, round in 4 sizes, and Lorilei.


Collector's Encyclopedia of Muncie Pottery by Jon Rans & Mark Eckkelman. Paducah, Kentucky: Collector Books, 1999. Flower frogs pictured on p. 123: standard round in several glazes, large double decker round and canoe insert. Canoe pictured on other pages in several glazes.


Collector's Encyclopedia of Noritake by Joan Van Patten. Collector Books, 1984. Two flower frogs: Luster yellow toucan on blue rocks/stump and blue bird on orange rocks/stump, both marked, p. 185.

Collecting Noritake A to Z, Art Deco & More by David Spain. Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1999. There are a total of 4 flower frogs featured in this book. On page 171 there is a Harlequin type masked figure and a ruffle collared mandolin player. On page 172 there are two bird flower frogs. One has two small birds and the other a stylized Tucan-like bird with a bell-shaped base. Available from Amazon.com.

Peters & Reed

Sanfords' Guide to Peters & Reed and Zane Pottery by Martha and Steve Sanford. San Jose, California: Adelmore Press, 2000.


The Second Book of Rookwood Pottery by Herbert Peck. 1985. "...It contains the complete record of all Rookwood shapes from No. 1, produced in 1880, to No. 7301, the last numbered shape made in 1967...". More than 50 flower frog shapes are represented in black and white line drawings. (Out of Print)


From Marcia Bradley at FB Antiques: "Living in central South Dakota I have had to research Rosemeade pottery which is very popular in the Dakota's. As I result I have purchased a copy of the book Collector's Encyclopedia of Rosemeade Pottery by Darlene Hurst Dommel. This is a very comprehensive listing of Rosemeade's many product lines and the book pictures flower holders I didn't know existed like the seahorse, the stump, and the scalloped block." Published by Collector Books, 2000.

Pictured are:
pg 48-49 - Pheasant flower holder w/bowl
pg 63 - Bird flower holder
pg 65 - Heron flower holder w/bowl
pg 76 - Fish flower holder
pg 77 - Frog flower holder in yellow, pink & blue
pg 77 - Sea Horse flower holder in blue
pg 110 - Prancing Fawn in several colors showing different hole placement
pg 117 - Squirrel
pg 154 - round bowl w/ flower block
pg 166 - leaf bowls with flower holder holes
pg 166 - brown pot with flower holder holes
pg 167 - floral sphere with flower holder holes in 3 sizes
pg 167 - pitcher with flower holder holes
pg 167 - stump flower holder in 2 colors


Introducing Roseville Pottery by Bassett, Mark. Atglen, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1999.


Shawnee Pottery by Jim and Bev Mangus. Paducah, Kentucky: Collector Books, 1994. Shows all the flower frogs on pp.94-95, which are the bouquet, dolphin, swan, seahorse, and self-contained snail and turtle.

Van Briggle

The Collectors Encyclopedia of Van Briggle by Sasicki & Fania. P. 30-31: Siren of the Sea bowl with shell frog, Lady of the Lake bowl with turtle frog, Water nymph. Page 47: turtles, 3-frogs and sunflower. Page 48: early turtle. Page 94: basket with insert, page 95: duck, 3-frog. Page 100: shell, sunflowers, duck and 3-frog. 143 pages. Collector Books, 1993.


The Collectors Encyclopedia of Weller Pottery by Sharon and Bob Huxford. Collector Books,1987. Contains a great many color photos of flower frogs.

Last updated January 29, 2016

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