Metal Flower Frogs - Page 1
Dome. Stamped sheet metal, painted green. Holes in dome and base. Dome clips to base with four tabs. 4"d x 2"h. Not marked.
Oval adjustable arranger. Brass and copper wires. Wire unit raises and lowers. Base is pot metal painted gold. Base is 5-1/2"l x 3"w, height, 2-3". Marked #7, PAT. NO. 2,005,966
Adjustable wire dome. The wired area expands slightly around the middle, making the unit a litte taller. Pot metal base, 4"d. Depressed height 2-1/2". Base is marked PAT. NO. 2,005,966, 6-25-35 (That's 1935).
Loop flower holder invented and patented by Jay P. Orben, Dec. 3, 1935. Item pictured is 4-1/2" tall, base is 3" in diameter. Underside of base is marked J.P.O., PATD. Cast iron. Item has 8 small feet on outer rim of underside of base.
Twists and turns in lead. Base is 8" long and can be formed into circle or S-shape as desired. Twists can be repositioned as well. Item is formed by cutting strips in sheet lead and twisting them into a tubular spiral form. Design patent granted to G. R. Davis, Jr. of New York, New York on Jan. 31, 1933.
Butterfly in lead. Wings can be adjusted slightly, but not recommended. Butterfly screws onto base. 4-1/2 "w x 4"l x 1-1/2"h. Not marked.


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