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This article written February 27, 1997

Information Survey of Online Collectors by Marcia Bradley...

Following is a summary of the information I have gleaned from the emails I have received from the on-line collectors.

I am told the only thing I will find that is devoted only to Flower Frogs is the Flower Frog Gazette and the DGShopper on-line articles. I got this response from most everyone who offered an information source. I'll admit that I already decided I preferred the FF to the refrigerator glass I already have been collecting, but, after surfing the FFG web site, and attached articles, pictures, etc., I was even more convinced. These pages are very informative, but left me wanting to know more. I am looking forward to receiving my copies of the FF Gazette.

The most frequently recommended single publication was 'Glass Animals of the Depression Era - Including Figural Flower Frogs and Reissues' by Garman & Spencer, followed by 'The Cambridge Glass Co. Catalog Reprint.' Otherwise, I would need to look into the individual ceramic and glass books such as Roseville, VanBriggle, McCoy, etc..

The Lady figural frogs seem to be the most popular, and perhaps somewhat scarce. I have seen a few in the malls here in Omaha, NE and Des Moines, IA., but I am more drawn to the pressed glass, animals, and decorated frogs. I love the glaze and forms I have seen in the VanBriggle and Roseville pieces.

Diane Satterlee suggested I check the Heisey page 114 to ID my duck. She also sent me a picture via email, but my MSN mail is messed up and I didn't receive it properly. I will see if she will resend it once I get my mail problem fixed.Also, Diane says the Cambridge Catalog Reprint is available through:Books - National Cambridge Collectors, P.O.Box 416, Cambridge, OH 43725-0416 for $14.95 + tax.

Nina Oliphant warns that some of the Lady forms are being reproduced, so be careful. She says these have been her main interest, but that she looking at other figures and recently found 2 matte finish birds and is taking a different course now! She also mentioned a Pottery Convention in Zanesville, Ohio each June and recommends attending.

I really enjoyed hearing from everyone, and was amazed at everyone's willingness to help. All that responded asked if I had checked out Bonnie Bull's web site and made reference to the FF Gazette. Several referred to Bonnie as the foremost expert. I was also told (and again I have already found these, too) that you and Kathy Jager have frogs for sale from time to time on this site.

I have found a lot of information just surfing the net, as I said, using "flower frog" as a search string. There are a lot of frogs for sale out there and even if you don't want to buy, many have pictures, and by printing these out, I am amassing some picture ID's, makers, and prices.

When I was raising show rabbits, It was nothing to find a show room filled with 500 to 1000 breeders who all loved rabbits. Information was easily exchanged and knowledge was easy to gain. Now I am only seeing 17 people listed as collector of Frogs on the FF site. I feel the enthusiasm is even higher with something so much more scarce. I feel that we can all learn from each other and may have much to contribute.

I would like to see more people participate in contributing suggestions and maybe photos to be included in the site. Maybe and information exchange/show and tell sort of thing. I read the descriptions of some of the frog that are being collected, but seeing is so much more fun!


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