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Flower Frogs Sold by Mail Order 2008-2009, page 7.

Wisteria, 2008

"This ceramic vase is charming when displayed on its own but even more lovely when supporting flower heads. It has a reservoir for water but when it isn’t holding buds you can still enjoy fragrant floral scents by filling it with potpourris."

Dimensions: 11"dia x 11"h , $129.

A Gardener's Supply Company Exclusive. Summer 2008

Cast aluminum frog, lizard and turtle have a textured finish and a subtle, aged brass color.

Flower Frogs, Set of 3 - $24.95

Gumps, Summer 2009

Frog Pagoda Tulpiere
"A quartet of lucky frogs supports this tulipiére, boding well for lasting blossoms. Fresh or faux stems slip into the 12 slots and stay neatly arranged. Either of the top tiers can be removed to adjust the height. 6 1/2" sq. x 23"H. Imported. Handwash.$89.00."

Ed. Note: Normally I don't put tulipieres on these pages, but they called it a frog!

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