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The 2008 meeting was a rip-roaring success.
Despite all of the dangers in the events, no one got hurt!!!

Here are a some of the 2008 events.
Dumpster Diving, Cow Tipping, Cow Pie Tossing, Moonshining, Fish Baiting (worms), Watermelon Seed Spit-Off

Courtesy of new Honorary member Hammer - the Cow Pie Tossing was been changed to Bull Pie Tossing!


Dumpster Diving

Cow Tipping



Cow Pie

Plans are now in the works for the 2009 meeting in London!
2009 Events will include:

First Meeting 1999
Second Meeting 2000
2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Meetings*
2003 Meeting**
September 30, 2008 - meeting in Wirtz, Virginia

*It seems our timing for these meetings was very poor as was our decision to try a meeting outside of Wirtz. Each meeting had to be cancelled at the last minute for these reasons:

2001 was scheduled for August 7 in Butler County Alabama. On August 6 Tropical Storm Barry arrived and the event was cancelled.

2002 was scheduled for September 11 at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. On September 10 Tropical Storm Gustavo arrived.

2004 was scheduled for September 16 in Florida's Panhandle and then along can Hurricane Ivan.

2005 was scheduled for August 30 in New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina ruined that plan.

In 2006 Tropical Storm Alberto uprooted the plans for the June 14 Tallahassee, Florida meeting.

For 2007 we decided to move offshore to the Virgin Islands in mid August. Hurricane Dean disrupted that meeting.

**The 2003 meeting was held during the ICCA meeting in the Roanoke Valley, October 7-13.

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